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Available delivery modes

When you make a purchase on PRISMA Ltd. you will receive the products you order via Express Courier. The order confirmation email will have all the information about it.

Prism Product Delivery

How to place your order?


Go to www.prismaitalia.net and select the products you want and add them to your shopping cart.


Enter your address and choose how you would like to receive the goods.


Choose a payment method, confirm your purchase, and quickly and securely pay for your order.


Relax. We will keep you informed of the next steps and make sure you receive your order as quickly as possible.


The courier or parcel delivery service will deliver your order directly to the address you indicated during the checkout process.
Home delivery is quick, easy and uncomplicated-always a good choice.


Payment method

Online payment


Estimated delivery time

3-4 working days



€12.00 for orders up to €200.00, free delivery for orders over €200.00

How to choose delivery?


When ordering, simply check the box next to the delivery icon.


That’s it! You can continue with your order.

Step by step

  1. The courier will try to deliver the package to your address. If it finds no one on the spot, the package will be directed to the local branch of the courier company, where it will be kept for a few days. After this period, the package will be returned to our warehouse.
  2. You will receive an email with a tracking link so you can track your package.
  3. Remember to carefully check the condition of the package upon arrival.
  4. Enjoy your new PRISMA Ltd. accessories – Tools for Chefs.