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Prisma walks you through the process of growing your restaurant

Excellence in the kitchen at your fingertips

Prisma is your ally in the kitchen. With a vast selection of three thousand items dedicated to the world of professional catering, we are here to meet your every need.


Exclusive equipment for bars, restaurants and hotels. Efficient and useful tools for chefs; three thousand items dedicated to the world of professional catering and hospitality.


Gourmet products of excellence with traceable and certified provenance. Food references selected directly from local farms. All 100% Abruzzese products.


Restaurant communication consultancy, 30 years experience in advertising services and organizing promotional events. A partner for the growth of your restaurant.

Professional kitchen with Prisma Italia Group
Official reseller of Hendi products

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Roberto Pasquali Owner Prisma srl

Roberto Pasquali

Owner Prisma SRL

Roberto Pasquali, 55. He started self-employment at a very young age. He founded the Synergo company in 1995, devoting himself to promoting the Abruzzo region abroad. He later entered the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. With the company Prisma Ltd. He has been involved in exports to the Russian Federation for years. He has participated in numerous international economic missions. He still leads his foreign trade organizations and is personally involved in communications and food marketing. He has been sales director of Prisma SRL since 2004 and began a few years ago to build an Italian sales network in partnership with Hendi, a leading European company in Ho.Re.Ca. supplies.

The birth of the Prisma SRL brand

In 1995, Roberto Pasquali founded the Synergo Company, a promotion and advertising services agency. After a few years, Synergo becomes a reference point for many local and national companies with the constant organization of promotional events and advertising activities in different Italian regions. In the early 2000s, the Synergo company internationalized and began a path of entry into the markets of New Europe and the vast Eurasian zone, soon becoming a logistical and commercial reference for export and the organization of exhibition and institutional events. In 2004, Prisma SRL was founded, a company that gathered Synergo’s background and expanded the business to professional equipment supplies for braceries and pizzerias especially in Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia, where it established its own sales representation. Subsequently, the brand was born “Il Fattore” as a brand for high-quality organic food. Il Fattore represents an opportunity for Prisma SRL to make some excellent Abruzzi productions known abroad and, at the same time, to proudly represent the territory where it all began; a new and final challenge that the Prisma company is still pursuing together with its already established historical activities. The armed conflict in Ukraine in 2022 subsequently altered development plans in those markets but also presented an opportunity for further business growth with the emergence of the First online store reserved for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector., where professional chefs and all lovers of good food have a choice of more than three thousand items for professional and home use. During 2023, the partnership with Hendi, Europe’s largest supplier of restaurant and catering equipment, gave a major boost to the latter business, ensuring a wide range of products, extensive local service and excellent quality production. Prisma is now engaged in the development of its sales network in Italy and abroad, complementing its business activities with its convinced social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Prism's services for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Prisma Italia is the right answer to all the needs of Ho.Re.Ca. professionals both in Italy and abroad. It has been operating in international markets for 20 years, establishing itself more and more as one of Italy’s leading business entities born from the fusion of multiple experiences and skills in the field of made-in-Italy production and international trade.

It specializes insetting up kitchens for small catering, street food, steakhouses, and pizzerias: it takes care of design, custom planning, and supply of professional equipment. It offers turnkey service for the furnishing of premises intended for catering and markets a range of more than three thousand useful items for the entire Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

In professional catering, Prisma Italia has always paid special attention to the health of operators and consumers. The company has dedicated itself over the years to providing all customers with the best energy-saving and environmental protection solutions. All equipment is certified and meets European quality and food safety regulations. The equipment provided by Prisma Italia is among the safest and most advanced in Europe and the World today.


The Partnership with HENDI

Prism license plate Authorized Hendi dealerSupplier of kitchen appliances and utensils, buffet and bar items, and equipment for the entire hospitality industry. Since its founding in 1934, HENDI has grown into an international company with offices and warehouses in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy and Hong Kong. HENDI’s main activities are the development, production, sale and distribution of a wide range of catering equipment and supplies. The range was created for the professional market and includes more than 3,000 items. Whether it is tableware or specialized products, HENDI offers a complete package for every situation. Prisma is the sole authorized dealer and markets all products in the Hendi catalog through its online store and its own sales network in Italy.

Prism: Commitment to the Environment and Sustainability.

Prism especially promotes environmentally friendly equipment. Therefore, it has dedicated a specific area to cooking systems using electric induction and renewable sources that could encourage their use at 90% reduced energy costs. As well as reserved an in-depth area for grills and ovens fueled by wood and coal. Traceability and sustainable management of these natural fuels are a priority for Prisma. Thus, a focus on green solutions in the restaurant world and a special focus on the environmental and social sustainability of wood and charcoal production. Prisma Italia has always put energy conservation, environmental protection and the health of operators and consumers at the forefront. The search for suppliers of raw materials and products with guarantees of environmental protection and far from any exploitation of labor, especially child labor, have always been the guidelines followed by Prisma; it was this social and environmental responsibility that gave the moral sense to all the work of these thirty years.

Prisma's Mission: Promoting the Culture of Italian Food.

The company mission is to enhance Italian cuisine and those who interpret it with passion and professionalism. The high performance and quality of the equipment provided by Prisma offers industry professionals the highest degree of satisfaction, representing a perfect combination of technology, design, innovation and practicality. Prisma’s food offerings, on the other hand, represent the best of the regional culinary tradition with the highest quality products sourced directly from local farms; a prized, guaranteed and certified excellence of the area. Communication and food marketing services are integrated as part of a comprehensive offering dedicated to the knowledge of true quality food culture and the growth of Italian restaurant entrepreneurs.

Work with us

The company often evaluates the possibility of new collaborations in many foreign countries in addition to Italy. Prisma has always believed in the strength and synergy of the group. To collaborate with Prisma is to grow, to travel, to explore, to change one’s life.