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Make your purchases with confidence and take advantage of our advantageous shipping terms. We will take care of the rest, delivering the equipment you need directly to your restaurant or business. There are no hidden costs.

How to get free delivery of Prism products

Visit our website and discover exclusive offers and promotions. We are ready to provide you with efficient and free shipping so that you can enjoy your new professional chef equipment as quickly as possible.

Rely on PRISMA for safe and timely shipping directly to your door. Don’t miss this opportunity and take advantage of our advantageous shipping terms. Shop today at and let us take care of the rest.

How to get free shipping

To get free shipping at, we provide you with the following options:


Orders less than €200

For orders under €200 (gross), the shipping amount will be. $12.00 incl. VAT;


Orders over €200

For orders over €200 (gross), shipping will be free.

We help you save money

Shopping at is always a beneficial choice for your wallet. We offer several options that allow you to optimize your purchases.

If you prefer the convenience of home delivery, you can opt for free shipping nationwide for any order over the minimum value.

This way you can get more chef accessories (Tools for Chefs) without increasing the overall cost. In addition to this, you will have access to the best deals, personalized promotions and discount codes dedicated to registered customers.

By choosing as your one-stop shopping destination, you can save money without sacrificing the quality and variety of products available. We are here to ensure you have a pleasant online shopping experience and to provide you with the assistance you need.