Manufacturer: HENDI

Vitrified cast iron casserole

29,25 129,35  (+ IVA)

Very versatile pot. It heats evenly, from the bottom to the top edge. Energy-efficient: cast iron is perfect for storing heat.
The lid is designed to retain moisture in slow-cooked dishes. Enameled to reduce adhesion and facilitate cleaning.

Made of cast iron, with red enamel coating on the outside. Lid with bumps on the inside that force water droplets (steam) to fall, keeping the dish moist and aromatic.
The vitrified cast iron casserole is ideal for preparing dishes in one pot, particularly those that require a long, steady stew without burning or sticking. It is multifunctional, not only great for stewing, cooking, frying, but also can be used in the oven. Also excellent for serving, keeping dishes hot longer than classic cookware. Suitable for all heat sources, including induction. Not dishwasher safe. Available in several sizes; the smallest can also be used as a serving dish (code: 626856).

Dimensions N/A
Volume utile (Litri)

0.27 liters, 3.7 liters, 4.4 liters, 6.88 liters

Diametro (mm)

230 mm, 90 mm, 245 mm, 280 mm


Cast iron, Enameled

Adatto a

Ceramic stove, Electric stove, Gas stove, Induction stove, Oven







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