Manufacturer: HENDI

Induction stove 3500 M

292,50  (+ IVA)

High-efficiency induction for professional use.

Power: 230 V – 3500 W Dimensions: 327x425x100 mm
Stainless steel structure. Manual power adjustment. Suitable for pots and pans with diameters from 120 to 260 mm. Operates on 230V.

High-efficiency induction plate. Cooktop for pans and pots with diameters from 120 to 260 mm. Made of durable stainless steel. 5 mm tempered glass cooktop. Equipped with 1 3500 W induction burner. Enables energy savings of up to 60% compared to a standard electric cooktop. Knob to adjust power. Safe and comfortable work due to the characteristics of induction heat. Maximum allowable load for the cooktop: 20 kg. Immediate electrical connection, plug already set up.

Weight 5,20 kg
Dimensions 327 × 425 × 100 mm





Stainless steel


3500 W


230 V

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