Manufacturer: HENDI

50×50 dishwasher – electronic control

2.957,50  (+ IVA)

Dishwasher with 50×50 cm baskets for plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, trays. Digital control panel. Baskets and all equipment for hydraulic connections are included. Power 6600 W. Dimensions 570x600x(H)830 mm. Weight 53 kg.

Extremely easy to use, clean and maintain. Ideal for cleaning plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, trays. Electronic controls. Detergent and rinse aid dispensers and standard pump included. AISI 304 stainless steel housing. Rotating plastic wash and rinse arms made of stainless steel at the bottom of the chamber. Fixed plastic washing arms and rotating stainless steel rinsing arms at the top of the chamber. Sturdy double-walled door equipped with microswitch, interrupts the program upon opening. Maximum height of glasses: 325 mm. Maximum height of dishes: 335 mm. Water temperature during washing: 60°C. Water temperature during rinsing: 85°C. Boiler (capacity/power): 6L / 6 kW Bathroom (capacity/power): 35L / 2.8 kW. Washing pump: 0.75 kW. Boiler/bath safety thermostat: up to 105°C / 99°C. Electronic water thermometer for boiler and tank. Pump sealing factor: IP 44 Feet ø40mm, height adjustable ±10mm Weight: 53 kg.

Three wash programs: 60, 120, 180 s (the wash program will be automatically extended with the time needed to heat the rinse water to +85°C) Dishwasher chamber cleaning program. Cold rinse function-ideal for washing glasses. THERMO-PROTECTOR system to prevent cold water rinsing – ensures that rinsing does not begin until the temperature reaches 85°C. The SOFT START system starts the water pump at a low pressure level and gradually increases pressure to protect delicate garments. 8-point self-diagnostic system. ECO system-for reduced energy consumption.

It cools the glasses after cleaning, making them immediately ready for use. Removes the smell of rinse aid, ideal for wine glasses.

1 universal cup basket 500x500x(H)105 mm.
1 basket with pins for deep and shallow dishes with 5×8 pcs, 500x500x(H)105 mm.
1 cutlery basket 110x110x(H)130 mm.
Electric detergent and rinse aid dispenser.
Water hose 1.5 m long, with 3/4 female threaded connection.
Drain pump and drain hose.
Unplugged power cord.



Weight 53 kg
Dimensions 570 × 600 × 830 mm

6600 W


Stainless steel





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