Manufacturer: HENDI

Wok – Induction Cooker 3500

406,25  (+ IVA)

High efficiency induction for professional use

Power: 230 V – 3500 W Dimensions: 340x450x120 mm
Digital touch screen to adjust power, temperature and timer. Stainless steel structure. Equipped with removable grease filter and double ventilation. For use only with 360 mm diameter wok pan. Adjustable height on the 4 feet. Runs on 230V.

High-efficiency induction plate. Hob for wok pans with a diameter of 360 mm. Made of durable stainless steel. 5 mm tempered glass cooktop. Equipped with 1 3500 W induction burner. Enables energy savings of up to 60% compared to a standard electric cooktop. Digital touch screen to adjust power, temperature and timer. Safe and comfortable work due to the characteristics of induction heat. Maximum allowable load for the cooktop: 20 kg. Programmable temperature range from 35 to 240 degrees. Adjustable feet for better stability on floor. Immediate electrical connection, plug already set up.

Weight 7,21 kg
Dimensions 340 × 450 × 120 mm





Stainless steel


3500 W


230 V

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