Manufacturer: HENDI

HENDI Jet chef’s flashlight – set with cartridge

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The HENDI Jet chef’s flashlight – set with cartridge, was designed by renowned Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser. The iconic shape fits perfectly in the hand, and the nozzle design ensures perfect results every time. Flame adjustable from 15 to 150 mm. and working from all angles, even upside down, indispensable for creme-brulè, very useful for braised meat and for caramelizing vegetables.

Designed with chefs in mind by Robert Bronwasser. This flashlight is a pleasure to use thanks to its elegant matte black design with green details and ergonomic grip. The flashlight is easily and safely connected to the gas cartridge (you can replace it after the gas runs out) and covers the entire top of the cartridge. Piezo ignition makes ignition easy, large gas dial allows easy adjustment of flame size and intensity. This chef’s flashlight can work from any angle, even upside down, thanks to the improved burner design that prevents flaring. Precise flame control, up to a distance of 150 mm. Included in the set: flashlight and gas cartridge. Gas cartridges can be purchased separately, part number: 199039.

Weight 0,227 kg
Dimensions 175 × 68 × 260 mm




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