Manufacturer: HENDI

Semi-automatic water softener

363,35  (+ IVA)

Non-programmable semiautomatic softener. Suitable for softening water for coffee machines, steam ovens, dishwashers and ice makers. However, the use of a water softener serves to extend the life cycle of all food service equipment subject to frequent washing. Useful for bars and restaurants. High-quality components enable the device to remain operational for many years without failure or interruption of service.

Water contains dissolved minerals-calcium and magnesium compounds, among others. Calcium and magnesium ions cause scale deposits, which are risky for objects and instruments in contact with water or steam. Softening is a process in which all calcium and magnesium compounds that cause water hardness are removed. Passing through the resin column, calcium and magnesium ions are absorbed by the resin particles. When the ion exchange capacity of the resin is exhausted, it should be restored in an appropriate regeneration process using a salt solution. During softener regeneration, the connected machine should not be used. Only for drinking water. Suitable for softening water for coffee machines, steam ovens, dishwashers, and ice makers and for extending the life cycle of food service equipment. Perfect for restaurants. Due to the high-quality components used, the device remains fail-safe and operational for many years. Semi-automatic resin regeneration process by brine is manually initiated The use of a softener helps reduce maintenance costs through the effective prevention of scale deposits. The device is equipped with control that allows the operating parameters of the water softening system to be configured as required. The elements inside the head are made of high-quality ceramic that is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and accumulation of impurities (e.g., iron). This technology ensures a perfect seal inside the controller and thus long and trouble-free operation. Navy blue case. Water connection diameter 3/4″. Working pressure: 1.5-6.0 Ba. Ambient working temperature: 5 – 38 ° C. Max. discharge water temperature: 38 ° C. Regeneration time: 37 min. Output for 10° dH – 1200 L. 4.0 L resin bed. Regeneration tank: 8 kg. Maximum water flow: 5 L / min. Regeneration salt consumption for 1 cycle: 0.5 kg.
Weight 8,13 kg
Dimensions 195 × 360 × 510 mm

18 W





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