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Complete guide to mixed grilling: techniques, recipes and tips to please all your guests!

28 Mar 2024 | Ho.Re.Ca., Wood and coal

The mixed grill represents a convivial and tasty moment, perfect for bringing groups of friends together in your facility’s spaces. Preparing the perfect mixed grill requires a combination of culinary skills, mastery of cooking techniques, and using the right barbecue or grill. We will explore in detail how to organize and implement a memorable mixed grill, fulfilling the most common desires of your clients.

mixed grill

How to make a good barbecue?

Preparing a good barbecue starts withattention to detail. Here are some basic steps to follow:

  1. Lighting the barbecue: Before starting the barbecue, it is essential to light the charcoal barbecue properly. Be sure to use the environmentally friendly charcoal , suitable for professional catering, and have it expel any toxins produced by combustion, resulting in more even heat.
  2. Preparation of ingredients: Taking the ingredients out of the refrigerator at least an hour before baking is important to ensure that they are at room temperature. This applies to meat as well as fish and vegetables.
  3. Cleaning and pre-heating the grill: A clean, lightly greased grill is essential to prevent food from sticking during cooking. Be sure to preheat the grill so that it is hot and ready to cook the ingredients.
  4. Heat zone management: Creating different heat zones on the grill is essential to manage different types of cooking at the same time. Make sure you have an area without embers to keep warm what is already prepared.

How to prepare a grill?

Preparing the grill is just as important as cooking the food. Here are some useful tips:

Cleaning the grill

Before each use, clean the grill thoroughly to remove residual food and charcoal. Use a grill brush and a specific cleaner if needed.

Flame control

Keep the flame under control while cooking, avoiding too high flames that could burn food. You can adjust the height of the grill or move foods to areas with less heat.

Who said a barbecue is only meat?

A mixed grill offers endless culinary possibilities, including a variety of ingredients such as meat, fish and vegetables to satisfy every palate of your customers. Let’s look at some delicious options:

Grilled meat

Grilling meat can include sausages, burgers, steaks and more. Marinate the meat to add flavor and tenderize it before cooking it on the grill.

Fish Grill

Grilled fish is light and healthy. Choose varieties such as salmon, shrimp, tuna, or sea bass and season them with herbs and lemon.

Grilled vegetables

Grilled vegetables add color and flavor to your mixed grill. Try zucchini, peppers, eggplant and mushrooms, seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper.

barbecued meat vegetables skewers

Tips on barbecues and equipment

When it comes to choosing the ideal barbecue for your mixed grill, there are many options, and each offers unique advantages that fit the needs of your facility. Here is a detailed overview of the different types of barbecues :

Professional charcoal barbecues

I professional charcoal barbecues are the preferred choice of backyard barbecue purists for their authentic smoky flavor and cooking versatility. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Intense Flavor: Charcoal offers a distinctive smoky flavor that lends character to your dishes.
  • Temperature Control: Although they require some practice in temperature control, charcoal barbecues allow precise heat regulation.
  • Portability: Some models are more compact and lightweight, ideal for backyard barbecues at your facility.

Gas Barbecue

I gas barbecues are valued for their ease of use and quick ignition. If you are looking for an indoor barbecue they may be the right choice for you:

  • Quick Ignition: Just turn a knob and the barbecue is ready to cook in minutes.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Adjustable burners allow precise temperature control for even cooking.
  • Easy Cleaning: Without the need to remove the charcoal, cleaning is quick and easy.

Electric Barbecues

I electric barbecues are the perfect choice for those who want to grill indoors without sacrificing flavor. That’s what makes them unique:

  • Smoke-Free Grilling: Because they do not generate smoke like charcoal or gas, electric grills are ideal for use in the covered spaces of your premises.
  • Ease of Use: Simply plug the electric barbecue into the power outlet and press a button to turn it on.
  • Easy Cleaning: Many electric grills have removable nonstick plates that make cleaning easy.

Choose the type of barbecue that best suits your needs, your space, and your cooking style to ensure a perfect mixed grill that satisfies every customer!

gas barbecue mixed grill

Tips for a perfect mixed grill

  • Experiment with creative marinades and seasonings to add flavor and originality to your dishes.
  • Include vegetarian and vegan options in your mixed grill to please all your guests.
  • Organize games and activities during the barbecue to make the event even more fun and engaging for all participants.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere in your facility with decorative lights, music and themed decorations to provide an unforgettable experience.

Prepare a perfect mixed grill by following our tips and suggestions. Choose the barbecue that best suits your needs and start creating unforgettable moments with your clients.

For the best recipes consult Giallo Zafferano. If you need a customized quote for professional grill and barbecue equipment, please do not hesitate to contact Prisma Ltd.

Have fun and enjoy your meal!

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