Manufacturer: HENDI

German Carbon Steel Knives – Profi Line Series

21,45 57,15  (+ IVA)

Unique knives made of German carbon steel. Very high quality of materials. Balanced and razor-sharp. They provide long service life and resistance to heavy use.

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All knives in this series are made in one piece from German carbon steel. This special type of steel (chromium-vanadium-molybdenum x50CrMoV15) provides excellent performance and durability. Sharp as a razor -Easy sharpening -Long blade life -High corrosion resistance. Each knife is produced in the factory through a 50-step cycle and in a traditional manner combined with the most sophisticated machines. The durability is above average, and the sleek, balanced and ergonomic handle allows you to work with ease and precision. Each knife is packaged in blister packs.

Profi Line Series

The Profi Line series represents the high end of Hendi production. A mid-to-high price range for superior quality intended specifically for professional use. Tools made from the highest quality steel. Designed for intensive daily use and in the harshest kitchen environments. Intended primarily for the most demanding chefs and in very demanding kitchens. The best choice for professional kitchens. The use of high-quality materials makes all products in the Profi Line series durable, sturdy and easy to clean.

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Profi Line


Chrome steel X50CrMoV15 , POM (polyoxymethylene)





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