Manufacturer: Peva

Professional wood-fired oven S60

26.000,00  (+ IVA)

Indirect cooking wood-fired oven for professional use

Ideal for breads, pizzas, roasts, pastas and desserts.
2 firing chambers with rectangular refractory 120 x 140 cm
Oven dimensions: 165x190x205 cm. Net weight of the kiln 1400 kg.

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Wood-fired oven designed for baking pizzas, breads, roasts, porchetta and whole lambs. Due to its indirect combustion and internal structure, it provides exceptional versatility and economy of operation.
This model has two rectangular baking chambers measuring 120 x 140 cm and 26 cm in height for a capacity of 24 pizzas 33 cm in diameter and 60 kg of bread.
Oven of great solidity. Built for an ultradecade working life cycle. The high quality of the refractory tops and the distribution of heat by radiation allow the same temperature to be reached throughout the interior cooking area. Therefore, the result will be even baking of the product, avoiding contact with combustion fumes and ash. The combustion chamber is located at the bottom and is separate from the firing chamber. The open flame heats the base, while the combustion fumes pass through a side cavity. During this path they give up heat to the cooking chamber, which heats up evenly over its entire surface.

Equipment included:
Marble countertop
Refractory brick top
Interior lighting

For this oven are NOT included:
Forced aspiration systems, grease and soot suppressants, filters and flues.

Weight 1400 kg
Dimensions 1650 × 1900 × 2050 mm



Corten, Metal alloys

2 rectangular cooking chambers

120 x 140 cm

Cooking chamber door dimensions

85 x 21.5 cm

Inner chamber height

26 cm

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